Every Move Counts

Just clip and go… get healthy and fit with NewYu.
A fun way to meet and exceed your goals!
Makes Pedometers Obsolete!
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  • Accurate - tracks all movements
  • Easy to use - clip on and go
  • Mobile - smart phone sync
  • Customizable - set your goals
  • tracks everyday movements - 24x7
  • Website - 7, 30, 90 day views
  • Community - connect w/others

How It Works

Move - Connect - Learn

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  1. Move
    Wear NewYu anywhere you go

  2. Connect
    Sync your data to NewYu website

  3. Learn
    See progress against your goals

What People Are Saying

I'm excited to be working with the NewYu team. Their monitor is a great health tool!

Dr. Mike Dillingham, former physician for the San Francisco 49ers

The NewYu Difference

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